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Growing Presence in Propane Distribution

Energy Distribution Partners (EDP) is a newer company in America's fast-changing energy landscape with deep experience in retail and commercial propane sales, operations and finance. We are now providing safe, reliable propane service to residential and commercial customers in California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York and actively seeking partners for growth.

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Are You a Business Owner?

If you are a successful propane and fuels dealer, you should get to know EDP. We invest in quality businesses for the long haul. Our operating philosophy is to keep the business you've built – your brand name, your local management and the team in your community – to serve your customers. See what one successful business owner has to say click here

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Extensive Propane Experience

With extensive experience in all aspects of the propane industry, our seasoned management team believes the opportunity is greater than ever for quality propane operators who know how to manage effectively to meet their customers' changing needs. We are excited about America's energy industry and propane's role in it.

Committed to the Industry

EDP doesn't just give lip service to its support of industry initiatives. Our team is actively involved in virtually all of the industry's organizations in the states and regions in which we operate, including the Propane Education and Research Council and the National Propane Gas Association.

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